The Kentucky Walking Horse Association established the KWHA Hall of Fame in the early 2000’s.

2022 Inductees- Debbie Civils, Charles Tooley, Steve Swinford

2021 Inductees- Spencer Benedict, Mike Oney, Donald Todd, Buddy DIck

2020 Inductees – Martin Cox, Luther Hankins, Tom Ware

2019 Inductees – Kemp Martin, Bill Carmichael, Ray Burton, Vernon Cummins

2018 Inductees- Carl D Stephens, Kenny Civils, Wilda Derrickson

2017 Inductees – Donald Stamper, Donna Galloway, Janice Allen

2016 Inductees – Lynn Oliver, Sharon Ping, John Jackson

2015 Inductees – Mose Oppenheimer, Lucian Scott, Tom Vest

2014 Inductees – Carroll Doyle, Danny Mead, Joe Shelton

2013 Inductees –  Joe Gill, Linda Patton, Doug Stephens

2012 Inductees – Dan Grigson,  Buford and Lillian Martin, Allen McQuerry

2011 Inductees – Jim Finch, Donnie May, Hobert Potter

2010 Inductees – Sue Alexander, Langley Franklin, Robert Wiley

2009 Inductees – Marie Broaddus, John Allen Dadisman, Dr. Robert Webb

2008 Inductees – Bill Bailey, Billy Howard, William Jackson

2007 Inductees – Bobby Burton, Earl Rogers Jr., Kenny Smith

2006 Inductees – Denzil Allen, Joe Dietz, Gary Oliver

2005 Inductees – Peggy Caldwell, H.T. Derickson, Danny Hughes

2004 Inductees – John Alexander, Walt Bruner, Willis “Snuffy” Smith

2003 Inductees – C.L. Baird, Frank Brown, Bob McQuerry

2002 Inductees – Clyde Abbott, Steve Liddell, Tom Scott

2001 Inductees – Edward “Jumbo” Boyd, R.J. Doyle, John Walker McKinney, A.R. Gordon Sr.

Charter Inductees– Claude Brown, A.R. Gordon Jr. Louise Cooper, Elroy S Mallard, B.C.Cotton, Earl Rogers Sr., C.W.Glass, S.M. Tutt, A. R. Gordon Sr.