KY HIO Info Links

KY HIO information such as the Judges Application, Show Affiliation Application, and Miscellaneous Show Manager Info has been updated and can be found under the  HIOs/Show Mgr tab in the drop down box labeled KY HIO Info Link.

Official KY-HIO, INC updates for 2021:
1. We have lowered the horse show affiliation fee to $50. The inspection fee per horse will remain $6.
2. We have lowered the judge’s application fee to $50. (DQP’s will pay $50, also.)
We are excited about the 2021 show season. The KY-HIO is here to support all stakeholders and shows.
We will be sending out show packets and judge’s applications shortly. Please note that we will NOT have an in person judge’s clinic this year.
Please email if you would like a horse show affiliation form or judge’s application

**Any correspondence or affiliations concerning the KY HIO should be forwarded to:

KY HIO  1155 McCouns Ferry Road  Salvisa, KY 40372

502-600-1608    email:

For DQP Info, contact DQP Coordinator, Andy Carter at 336-635-7904 or email